Employee safety should be a priority for every company, so that employees feel safe in their work places. This will keep the quality of their work at the highest level and at the same time it will support their professional development.

Our company offers a wide range of trainings related to machine safety. The trainings we offer are dedicated to all services responsible for work safety in the enterprise: engineers, health and safety services, planners, programmers, electricians, designers, employees servicing machines, devices, production lines.

Each training is conducted by our team of experienced experts, which guarantees the highest quality.

Automatech offers following range of trainings:

  • 1. Safety of maintenance – the most important areas
  • 2. Safety of mechanical presses
  • 3. Safety of maintenance services – LOTO
  • 4. Safety of machines
  • 5. Modernization of machines and production lines
  • 6. Risk assessment
  • 7. WE-EU declaration of conformity (CE)
  • 8. Operation and programming of vision systems
  • 9. Operation and programming of code readers