Risk analysis

An employee who is inside and / or outside the danger zone around the machine may be exposed to an accident.
In order to determine the probability of its occurrence and to determine the degree of risk on the part of the machine, a risk assessment is carried out, including:

  1. Risk analysis
  2. Risk evaluation

According to the definition contained in Standard PL-EN ISO 12100, point 3.15, risk analysis is “a combination of specified machine restrictions, hazard identification and risk estimation”.

Machine safety must be taken into account during the design process so that the activities related to the machine’s functionality are safe for operators. If this is not possible at this initial stage, solutions should be completed later, so that access to machine functions and safe execution of tasks are possible.

In the case of machine risk analysis, it is necessary to describe all phases of the machine’s operation, analyse the most important risks and assess the risk.